An Eastern Mediterranean restaurant with both a distinct physical brand identity and the ability to thrive in San Francisco’s highly saturated and competitive restaurant scene.

When Tawla opened its doors in the Spring of 2016, owner, Azhar Hashem had 2 goals in mind: serve the best of Eastern Mediterranean food that stays true to its origin, while reflecting the hip sensibilities of the restaurant’s culture-rich Mission surroundings. The overall theme is simply authenticity, which is why the design eschews clichéd patterns and design elements in favor of a contemporary—but authentic—take on Eastern Mediterranean culture and aesthetics. The space itself is a multifaceted but cohesive dining room comprised of three areas: a bustling front with a communal table at its center, a cozy nook with a clear view of the magic happening in the open kitchen, and a calmer back space overlooking a landscaped patio. For a more private dining solution, the downstairs features a beautifully lit den where groups can enjoy a more exclusive dining experience.

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