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A NEXT-LEVEL EXPERIENCE | E-Gaming lounge Concept

To celebrate the launch of 2 new Game Fuel flavors, Pepsi wanted to bring to life a pop-up gaming destination that builds product awareness, promotes trial and inspires brand love with lasting impressions. Fueled by the sensibilities of core and casual gamers, our design features both console and PC gaming vignettes strategically allocated to optimize a limited footprint and maximize visibility for spectators. The center of the space is dedicated to a multimedia stage that can broadcast live Esports competitions, streamers on Twitch/Mixer or act as a dynamic backdrop for in-person influencer and celebrity appearances. In between gaming, visitors can try the new flavors at the Fuel Bar or capture their Game Fuel excitement at the LVL UP social photo op. Whether you game 8 hours a day or have never picked up a controller in your life there is no shortage of entertainment at the Game Fuel Game Lounge.